[CentOS] Problem with wireless router

Thu Feb 20 23:49:47 UTC 2014
Joseph Hesse <joehesse at gmail.com>


I am using wireless N on a DLink-655 wireless router.  It is the "A" 
hardware version with the latest firmware.
I am using a channel that no one in my vicinity is using, according to 
I checked the Statistics from the router web interface and they are 
shown below for a period of less than an hour.
It looks like the errors are excessive, especially the "RX Packets Dropped"
Is this par for the course and TCP takes care of it or am I having 
hardware problems with my router?

Thank you,

Wireless Statistics
Sent :138143
TX Packets Dropped :41
Received :99485
RX Packets Dropped :50911
Errors :27