[CentOS] Need help resolving yum update issues on mixed architecture system

Mon Feb 24 23:18:49 UTC 2014
Alfred von Campe <alfred at von-campe.com>

I have been using 32-bit CentOS since the 4.X days without a real need for 64-bit, but in preparation for CentOS 7, I have installed 64-bit CentOS 6 on a test system to qualify all our builds.  However, in order to build some of our current 32-bit applications, I had to install some i686 packages, including glib.

Now when I try to do a "yum update" on this test system, I get the dreaded "Error:  Multilib version problems found." issue.  I have tried following the instructions from yum (--exclude=glib.i686, yum check, etc.) to resolve this to no avail.  What is the best way to proceed with the "yum update" so that all (64-bit and 32-bit) packages are updated?