[CentOS] Experience with BTRFS?

Tue Feb 4 20:15:44 UTC 2014
Lists <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

Was wondering if anyone here could weigh in on using BTRFS for CentOS 6 
in a "near production" environment?

I've been using ZFS on Linux and am very happy with the results so far, 
but don't particularly want to put all my eggs in one basket. Our 
application architecture allows us to have multiple, concurrent 
filesystems in mirror so I have the option of running a system under 
production-like environment without risking actual loss of customer 
data. In any event, we will be triple redundant at the application 
level, with ZFS on one file store, RAID/LVM/EXT4 on another, and 
possibly BTRFS on the third.

Of course, I would want to use AT LEAST "release candidate" quality 
filesystem, but the ability of ZFS and BTRFS to check for errors and fix 
without downtime hold a tremendous amount of weight. The file stores are 
big enough that it is a days-long process to bring an offline file store 
back online. It would seem that BTRFS is slightly more flexible than 
ZFS, EG the ability to add RAID-levels for improved redundancy after 
initial creation without taking the system(s) offline.

Anybody using BTRFS for real, sustained-load, 24x7 environment?