[CentOS] 6.5 single user mode

Wed Feb 5 11:44:11 UTC 2014
Steve Clark <sclark at netwolves.com>

On 02/04/2014 04:33 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 2:32 PM, Steve Clark <sclark at netwolves.com> wrote:
>>>> I want to boot into single user mode and run a script automatically.
>>> <snip>
>>> How often - every time, or just once? If every time, create a script and
>>> put it in /etc/init.d/, with a link to /etc/rc1.d, or use whatever it is
>>> in systemd's analog.
>>>           mark
>> Everytime. We have a USB key that has a tarfile of CentOS and our software on it
>> The script partitions the hard drive and untars the tarfile - this takes about 2 minutes vs using
>> a custom kickstart file which takes 20 to 30 minutes.
>> So we build a CentOS respin iso image along
>> with our software - install it into a virtual machine and at the end of the install the ks file creates a tarfile from the new image.
>> We then move this image to the USB key.
>> In CentOS 5.x all I had to do was create a .profile file in / and it would get ran. CentOS 6.x doesn't
>> run the .profile -
> If what you are really doing is the equivalent of cloning images, you
> might look at clonezilla, or the backup/restore package called rear
> (in EPEL).   But for a quick brute-force change, you could probably
> edit /etc/init/rcS-sulogin.conf and add the script you want to replace
> /sbin/sushell.
Hi Les,

     Yes I found that file - Thanks.

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