[CentOS] Scheduler Elevator Deadline

Wed Feb 5 17:42:25 UTC 2014
Matt <matt.mailinglists at gmail.com>

In past on my machines with single drive or software RAID I have
always had to change elevator to deadline.  Mainly due to fact I was
running email server with a great deal of I/O.  Switching from CFQ to
Deadline made a huge difference.  I am wandering if with a hardware
RAID controller should I still switch too Deadline or does the RAID
controller do reordering etc. for me?  Likely best answer is to try
it.  Doubt it would hurt anything to still switch too Deadline if I
have plenty of CPU to spare.  I am also trying to move all my servers
to OpenVZ for hardware independence.  When I need more disk space,
CPU, etc. I just backup and move it.  Perhaps there are gotchas there?