[CentOS] Raid on centos

Fri Feb 7 11:34:07 UTC 2014
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Jeff Allison <jeff.allison at allygray.2y.net>

> Ok I've a HP mircoserver that I'm building up.
> It's got 4 bays for be used for data that I'm considering setup up woth
> softwere raid (mdadm)
> I've 2 x 2TB 2 x 2.5 TB and 2 x 1TB, I'm leaning towards usig the 
> 4 2.x TB is a raid 5 array to get 6TB.

Just a reminder that (at least in the Gen8) bays 1+2 are 6G, but 
bays 3+4 are 3G.  So you might lose a tiny bit of speed if you 
pair them in a RAID5.

For the "migration", to make it clean and simple, I would just copy the 
data temporarily on USB external disks; which I would use anyway for backups.