[CentOS] Where to get Sernet-Samba4 questions answered?

Tue Feb 11 16:57:55 UTC 2014
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

Not wanting to build Samba4 myself I spent some time searching for rpm
packages suitable for use on our CentOS-6.5 hosts.  I discovered
http://enterprisesamba.com/ which provides rpms (sernet-samba-4.1.4-7) for
CentOS-6.  However, I cannot find an online support community for this package
and requests for help made to the samba.org list have met with absolute
silence.  Since my requests had to do with uncaught exceptions with stack
traces and PANICs in samba-tools I can only infer from the silence that that
list does not handle support enquires from anyone that does not build their
own Samba4 from source.

I have been to sernet.de which builds the rpms and the site is in German, a
language I have not used in over twenty years and which I never read very
well.  It refers to EnterpriseSamba.com but that site in turn provides no
reference to an online support community of users.

So, I need help and I need some guidance as to where to go get it.  Does
anyone here use the same packages for their Samba setups?  Does anyone know of
an online support group for users of this particular package?

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