[CentOS] [OT] Video card radiator

Tue Feb 11 18:20:04 UTC 2014
Steve Brooks <steveb at mcs.st-and.ac.uk>

>>> Now that I look again, that appears to be the case.
>>> Not only that, the radiator is tilted so that
>>> only the right front corner is close to the board.
>> you would be very surprised at just how much time is spent
>> in trying to "tear down" a new system design. heat sinking
>> is an on going challenge.
> No, I wouldn't.
> What surprises me is that its current mechanical
> arrangement corresponds to its orignal design.
> To me, the radiator seemed to have fallen down.
> For all I knew, it might have been held up by persuasion.

The design will be deliberate such as to allow the heat to flow upwards 
along the angle of the radiator fins.