[CentOS] Where to get Sernet-Samba4 questions answered?

Wed Feb 12 12:53:28 UTC 2014
Dirk Olmes <dirk.olmes at exentra.de>

> I have been to sernet.de which builds the rpms and the site is in German, a
> language I have not used in over twenty years and which I never read very
> well.  It refers to EnterpriseSamba.com but that site in turn provides no
> reference to an online support community of users.
> So, I need help and I need some guidance as to where to go get it.  Does
> anyone here use the same packages for their Samba setups?  Does anyone know of
> an online support group for users of this particular package?

I know this might not be helpful but ...

When reading this page I get the impression that it's mostly about
sernet's commercial Samba offering. Ok, the .rpms are freely
downloadable but it looks like everything else is commercial support.