[CentOS] Filesystem gets corrupted after kernel upgrade to 2.6.32-431.5.1.el6

Sun Feb 16 15:38:17 UTC 2014
Александр Кириллов <nevis2us at infoline.su>

> OK, the original CentOS mirror does not make any changes to that :-(
> Is there any way I can debug these kernel panics?
> The hardware I'm testing on is definetily working well (Memtest did not
> find any errors, besides that, this machine is using ECC RAM) and as
> mentioned, no other machine on this host throws any errors.
> The panics seem to be a KVM related thing...
> When powering up the machine, it boots without any problems. If I do a
> reboot, it nevers comes up again.
> Then it gets stuck in a "bootloader loop", which means, the bootloader
> shows up, tries to start something and the system gets reset instantly.
> The last thing I can see before the reset occurs is
> "Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)... ok".
> Then the machine gets reset and the bootloader comes up again.
> If I add "edd=off" to the kernel parameters before booting, it gets
> stuck with a cursor in the top left corner and nothing happens - it
> does'nt anything on the disks and does not consume any CPU time.
> This machine is running on a Debian Wheezy host with kernel
> 3.2.0-4-amd64 and QEMU 1.1.2 / libvirtd 0.9.12.
> Is there anything I could do to debug this thing more deeply? At the
> moment I have to shut off the machine when I'm going to reboot it...
> The collapsing file system has been demystified - my colleague simply
> missed to reboot the systems after upgrading to the new kernel version.
> But, in my opinion, that should'nt happen either...

Any ext4 or kernel errors in the logs or anything at all?
AFAIR there was once a problem with virtio disk drivers in C5 kvm