[CentOS] deleting FakeRaid -> what happens to the partitions/data

Mon Feb 17 04:26:17 UTC 2014
Jobst Schmalenbach <jobst at barrett.com.au>


A server has FakeRAID installed, I want to remove it to make it mdadm driven ....

If I delete the FakeRAID including

 - disabling it in the BIOS
 - removing the dmraid driver from initrd
 - deleting all meta data from partitions
 - deleting all dmraid packages

is the data still available on the drives, i.e. the partitions, filesystem and files are still ok?

I know that FakeRAID controller is not a real hardware controller and the driver (thus CPU doing the work) makes it look like one drive ... 

So if you create a partition it would be a standard (and same) partition on each of the drive connected to a FakeRAID?

This would me there are just normal drives with partitions and file system that is ready to be used after the deletion of the faeRAID?


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