[CentOS] FYI: CentOS legalese

Mon Feb 24 13:34:48 UTC 2014
Brian Miller <centos at fullnote.com>

On Mon, 2014-02-24 at 12:28 +0000, jb wrote:
> Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle: 
> More RedHat Legal Shenanigans with CentOS
> http://nerdvittles.com/?p=8721
> Closing the Book on CentOS: [...]
> http://nerdvittles.com/
> Thanks to the author of the above articles.

The author of those pieces needs to read a bit closer.  His claim:

        In a nutshell, the new RedHat Terms of Service outlaw use of
        CentOS in any product “unless the combined distribution is an
        official CentOS distribution.”

is not supported by any evidence he provides.  What is made clear is
that one cannot use the CentOS marks (ie logos, etc.) in a derivative

Seems to be much sound and fury...