[CentOS] Upgrading to CentOS 6

Tue Feb 25 18:16:22 UTC 2014
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 02/25/2014 06:06 PM, Mike Burger wrote:
> To add to Les' points, Fedora has offered in place upgrade, going at least
> as far back as FC1 -> FC2. I seem to recall that I used to be able to
> upgrade my free RHL (non-enterprise) versions in place, as well, but I
> won't swear to it.

the actual delta between released code has a lot to do with it - if the
delta is small, then its an easier in place upgrade.

secondly, since the verisons dont come from the same universe of
packages and repos, there is some work to be done - manually - to handle
orphans, obsoletes and functional changes.

thirdly, it is actually possible to go from c5 to c6 without an upgrade,
but working through the process to handle corner cases and the orphans /
functional changes means there are multiple reboots involved.

All said and done, automate and script the setup process as much as
possible - so you only ever need to do it once. And use macros to define
and work with exception and changes in versions of code, so you can dual
maintain multiple versinos from the same scripts.

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