[CentOS] [CentOS-announce] CentOS Project joins forces with Red Hat

Fri Jan 17 14:59:26 UTC 2014
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs>

I see you haven't read announcements and explanations, or you haven't 
understood them.

On 01/17/2014 10:14 AM, IonPacepa wrote:
> I have found at times the community to CentOS-leadership relations to be
> quite poor.
> I have witnessed the summary judgements against people like Dag Wieers
> driving them away. Useful members driven out.

You ARE aware that RepoForge is forzen solid because Dag Wieers does not 
want to release control to others but has no time to build packages 
ready for build? I wonder how is that different of what you accuse 
CentOS devs did.

FYI, I am not on either side, I do not accuse anyone, but I think every 
comment should be balanced.

> I have seen release dates slip for months at a time with no word from the
> people in control of CentOS. The project has come into jeopardy many times.
> CentOS 5.4 was a fiasco.
> I have always suspected that after each release the exact build environment
> / script to create the RPMs is not made available to bring about this end -
> whereby the "secret sauce" of how to build the SRPMs on ftp.redhat.com are
> still kept hidden by the CentOS leaders. This is not a community project.
> Its a free rebuild with all the mock magic hidden by those who just got a
> huge payout.

I can understand that someone is not willing to explain "secret sauce" 
they spent 100's of hours poured into to make it work in their free 
time, just so others can jump in and create a competitor to their 
"product" thus invalidating their work with lesser gratification. I am 
first who would not do it. Not without monetary reward. Weather I 
personally liked it or not is irrelevant.

Red Hat wants RHEV and their other products to have rebuilt versions. 
They need it so their products get bigger user base. It would be stupid 
to create entire community from scratch when CentOS only needs little 
help to open up and producing Variants, and then compete with CentOS.

So Red Hat will get opensource rebuilds for RHEV and other products and 
CentOS gets second wind and opens up entire process.

> I am also wondering if the serially rude and dismissive behavior by some of
> the folks in control of CentOS will continue now that they cash massive
> checks from Redhat. I guess when you sell out one needs to be more polite.
> Now we need to possibly find a new rebuild. I think that release dates will
> still be something that the leaders here do whatever and whenever they want.
> I think that there will be significant differences in RHEL and CentOS now. I
> think the secret build sauce will remain hidden from view and the people
> receiving big pay for Redhat will serve their new masters well.

Every one of "you", unhappy ones, could have created your own rebuild, 
you could have also teamed up and found sponsors from all those unhappy 
community members you say exist. So, where is the product of your open 

> I've been a user since the WBEL/cAos days. I worry about this state of
> affairs. Deeply.

Ljubomir Ljubojevic
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