[CentOS] Mother board recommendation

Tue Jun 3 19:58:24 UTC 2014
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On 06/03/2014 11:52 AM, Rainer Duffner wrote:
> It’s also a bit of a sorry showing for the admin putting together the system.
Perhaps, perhaps not. Remember the old saw about simplicity and 
reliability? ECC ignores that saw completely, resulting in a complex, 
error prone hardware landscape fraught with incompatibilities.

With desktop systems, it's pretty straight forward to get memory that 
"just works". Yes, with ECC, all the specs are in the Motherboard 
manual, but there are far more variables to consider. And, even when you 
buy exactly to spec, I've had issues with systems that worked fine for 
days at high loads and passed extensive Memtest, but locked up 
sporadically (every few weeks), at a tremendous cost to diagnose. The 
only way I've found to be confident that a purchase will work is to buy 
only hardware on a specific hardware compatibility list, and typically I 
buy the hardware together. Most of our hardware is in this category.

I'll consider my irreverent point of view, that this complexity is 
unnecessary and counter-productive, as somewhat unpopular and leave it 
at that.


PS: As an aside, we've had extremely good results with SuperMicro - we 
shop for them almost exclusively. The only problems we've had was with 
onboard SAS controller on a specific model on EL6 - worked fine on EL5. 
We ended up disabling SAS and going with onboard SATA with no further