[CentOS] centos livecd for latest centos 5-release?

Sun Jun 8 15:52:00 UTC 2014
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 06/08/14 21:30, Eero Volotinen wrote:
>>>> start by checking the centos livecd project page;
>>>>       https://projects.centos.org/trac/livecd/
>>> Well 5.10 livecd was not available, so I finally managed to build
>>   > my own :)
>> excuse curiousness, why 5.1?
> 5.10 as I said. It has kernel driver to use my network card, so I can
 > boot server with it and just copy os and datas from another machine..

my bad dropping '0'.

would tend to believe driver would be in later 6.x. then again. ;=)

much luck.


peace out.

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