[CentOS] Information Week: RHEL 7 released today

Tue Jun 10 21:28:55 UTC 2014
Warren Young <warren at etr-usa.com>

On 6/10/2014 14:25, Tom Bishop wrote:
> And the "When will Centos 7 be released" questions begin in 3...2...1

It's different this time.  The CentOS people have had inside access to 
RHEL since December last year.[1]

So, when will CentOS 7 be released? :)

Yes, I see Jim Perrin's post today[2] that it is "in the build process," 
but how long does that take, if nothing goes wrong, and then how long 
does ISO mastering and mirror seeding take?  That is to say, what is the 
shortest possible delay?  Then, how confident are those who have been 
doing this work that we will get through this build process without 
errors, based on what happened in the beta and RC stages?

Ballpark guess, that's all I'm asking.  This week?  This month?  While 
the leaves are still on the trees in North America?

[1] http://goo.gl/VkkRCw
[2] http://goo.gl/fFhz93