[CentOS] umask setting in /etc/profile not working

Wed Jun 11 14:48:28 UTC 2014
zep <zgreenfelder at gmail.com>

>On another related question... the user is also complaining about ownership
>of files and directories. Couldn't I just solve that problem with a sticky
>bit, i.e. chmod -R u+s * and chmod -R g+s *?

possibly; although you can also screw things up pretty well if
the user has done something like.. mkdir x; cd x ; ln -sf /etc ./et_cetera_config_files

>And as mentioned I have only one umask set in /etc/profile
>[root at qa_hostapps]# grep umask /etc/profile
>umask 0002

but /etc/profile isn't the only thing that bash calls/uses (at least not by default)

what do you get if you do a 'egrep umask /etc/*' ?
and in the home dir, what do you get from egrep umask .??* ?