[CentOS] apr buildconf fails

Sun Jun 15 17:33:42 UTC 2014
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Am 15.06.2014 05:43, schrieb Tim Dunphy:

First of all, please stop this nasty top-posting. There is no need on a 
mailinglist to repeat content of the previous mailing which you do not 
directly reply to. You already select the part you want to respond to, 
that's good. So just strip off the rest. A history of the previous 
discussion is available, that's what a thread on a mailing list is.

>> CentOS 5,7 is outdated and vulnerable. yum update to current (5.10 +
>> updates).
> Because I don't want to earn a pink slip by circumventing authority to
> perform an unauthorized upgrade of the OS. :) And I doubt I would get that
> kind of approval by going through the proper channels.

Oh dear, when will this fundamental misunderstanding die? Johnny Hughes 
had been so kind to recently explain the concept to a degree which 
should not have been necessary for informed users of CentOS:



Given there exists such a policy to not "yum update" your CentOS install 
base, then those managers responsible for that policy are uninformed or 
even worse, they are incompentent in their position. It is mandatory to 
keep systems updated with all the available bug and security fixes. And 
by far "yum update" does not cause an upgrade.

>> Why are you compiling the apr-utils your own anyway? CentOS is a binary
>> distribution, so you repositories which provide the software you need.
>> apr-util is provided by base.
> OK good advice. I've downloaded the binary rpm's and installed them.
> [root at uszmpaplp005lc Alien-SVN-v1.7.17.1]# rpm -qa | grep apr
> apr-util-1.3.12-1.jason.1
> apr-1.3.12-1.jason.1

Why on earth do you use the Jason Litka repository?  That repo is known 
to cause trouble.

> However my ultimate goal is to get the CPAN module to recognize APR. My
> initial thought was that the CPAN module would recognize a source install
> better than an RPM. So I've tried both approaches of installing APR (rpm
> and source) and so far I can't get the CPAN module called SVN::Core to
> recognize APR.

You have emphasised that you are not authorized to update CentOS. Then 
what you are doing there would qualify to fire you out of your job. Even 
if this is development system and not a production platform your 
modifications has left it in hardly to maintain state.

You have left CentOS land with all your actions (using a 3rd party 
repository of questionable quality and using source installs together 
with CPAN). So you better ask those who provide the sources you deal with.

> Thanks
> Tim