[CentOS] issue_discards in lvm.conf

Mon Jun 16 15:04:28 UTC 2014
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Dan Hyatt wrote:
>    I worked in the SSD lab at STEC for a while, testing SSD's and fixing
> SSD's that failed...
> I knew how to blow up the drives, run them well beyond the capacity of
> spinner drives. But then I would flash the firmware and the drive would
> be good as new.  I would be running about 200 music videos at the same
> time to get enough throughput to cause it to crash. The goal was to find
> *when* they blew up, so we could limit them in firmware before then.

Interesting. But did you ever stick one in a microwave? (Someone else's,
that is <g>) Or aim an oxy-acetylene torch at it, he asks, innocently? I
don't have an EMP gun handy....
> We all know manufacturers know how to make benchmarks lie. They told me
> which tests to run to make our drives blow away the spinners, and which
> ones not to do. The very fragmented drives RO, SSD blew away the
> spinners, but Writting sequentially (both blank drives to start) there
> was little difference.

Oh, the ones that aggravate me are the ones who limit what you can do,
like WD, then the others, who changed the firmware starting in '09, so
that you *couldn't* change the TLER from 2 min to 7 sec....