[CentOS] How to remove LVM Physical Volume from Volume Group?

Tue Jun 24 19:56:48 UTC 2014
Zhang, Jonathan <zhangj at evergreen.edu>

The doc is recommend you do pvremove first and then run vgreduce. 
But you will get error something like "...you need to remove from volume group first before delete the physical volume" (the message makes sense for me. Need to removing from volume group first then removing the physical one)

While ago I run "vgrreduce" first and then do "pvremove". It worked fine for me.

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2014-06-24 22:31 GMT+03:00 Zhang, Jonathan <zhangj at evergreen.edu>:

> Fidsk -l (you will see sdd5, sdd6 and sdd7) Pvdisplay (to make sure 
> the Allocated PE on /dev/sdd7 Vgreduce vg_data /dev/sdd7 Pvremove 
> /dev/sdd7
> (before you run vgreduce you need to move all data from sdd7 to new 
> dic
this is wrong way to do this. see the real docs at:

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