[CentOS] GUI Question

Mon Jun 30 08:05:50 UTC 2014
Deno Sayangda Dangpaliw <d.dangpaliw at gmc.net>


There's something weird happening to my CentOS VMs, cannot switch back to GUI. Black screen with a single underscore character at top left of the screen.

Ok so I have ESXI 5.1 host, with 3 VM all running CentOS. I rebooted the esxi host yesterday for a power maintenance. All went well... until I switched console on the vms.

I was able to login using the GUI, then I pressed Alt F5, then I was sent to the text console... I usually do this to save energy. I did the same for all the Centos vm... now I wanted to switch back to GUI but I can't. I even pressed all the keys from F1 to F12 but were not able to get back to the GUI for all the VMs.

Can you please advise where Im missing?