[CentOS] Google Hangout Plugin Does Not Work For Other Users

Mon Jun 30 21:58:58 UTC 2014
Mark LaPierre <marklapier at aol.com>

Hey All,

I've got the Google Talk plugin installed at:

    File: libnpgoogletalk.so
    Path: /opt/google/talkplugin/libnpgoogletalk.so
    State: Enabled

And the Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer at:

    File: libnpo1d.so
    Path: /opt/google/talkplugin/libnpo1d.so
    State: Enabled

When I start of join a Google Hangout all works as expected for me.

When another user on my system tries to start/join a Hangout she gets an
error telling her that the plugin is not installed.

When I check "about:plugins" under her login it says that the plugin is
installed in the same location/version.

I checked the file access settings and found all is set as expected,
755, on the plugin and it's directories all the was down to root.

-rwxr-xr-x.  1 root root   273496 Jun  7 17:38 libnpgoogletalk.so
-rwxr-xr-x.  1 root root   229784 Jun  7 17:38 libnpo1d.so

Shouldn't this work system wide?

If I try to install the plugin as firefox seems to think I should I'm
told that I already have the pluging installed, which is true.

Does anyone have a clue why it's refusing to start?

   ^ ^  Mark LaPierre
Registered Linux user No #267004