[CentOS] Question about trademarks

Mon Mar 10 16:47:09 UTC 2014
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


try sending that TM question to centos-tm again, it should come through
and that really is the best place to address this stuff. You can,
alternatively, email centosdev as well.

On 03/09/2014 09:12 PM, Pouar wrote:
> I'm thinking of creating a project based on JBoss EAP the same way 
> CentOS does with RHEL. Obviously I can't call it JBoss EAP so I thought 
> I could call it CentAP, for Community Enterprise Application Platform. 
> Will this infringe on the Red Hat and/or CentOS trademarks?

would you consider coming and doing this as a part of the overall SIG
process in CentOS ? saves you from having to setup all the infra, get
the community bootstrapped and you still get lots of flexibility to do
cool stuff.

- KB

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