[CentOS] Anyone using trac on centos?

Wed Mar 12 20:28:21 UTC 2014
Peter Brady <subscriptions at simonplace.net>

On 13/03/14 5:02 AM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> (Besides Paul, who's busy?)
> I just need one question answered: I keep reading the docs, and given the
> old traditional
> /var/www
> I get that part of trac should be installed in /var/www/trac/<myproj> (I
> think); what I can't figure out is whether there is *anything* under the
> document root, that is, /var/www/html/trac/<myproject>.
> Anyone have a clue? Do I even need it as a placeholder, or does anything
> actually go in there?

Hi Mark,

I've got a couple of centos 6 VMs running trac and subversion.  One is a
standalone single project and the other runs a multi-site install.  trac
was installed from EPEL.

For the single site install I've got a few things in /var/www/html:

[root at develop www]# ls html/
favicon.ico  favicon.png  svnindex.css  svnindex.xsl
[root at develop www]#

But they are mainly convenience formatting for subversion browsing.

Inside /var/www/trac is all the trac stuff, which was created via

Slightly different for the multi-site install in that the folder
structure has an additional level:

[root at develop www]# pwd
[root at develop www]# ls trac
hydra  mmm  tuflowJobHist  wma_admin
[root at develop www]#

In this case, trac-admin creates the projects within the sub-folders.
but the contents of /var/www are the same as above.

I also split out some of the static htdocs from trac to let apache cache
them, so /var/www becomes:

[root at develop www]# ls
cgi-bin  error  html  icons  lost+found  svn  trac  trac-static
[root at develop www]#

For both cases


handles redirects, aliases, caching, cgi etc.  With nothing in /var/www.

Hope this helps,

Peter Brady
Email: pdbrady at ans.com.au
Skype: pbrady77

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