[CentOS] Severe issues with the latest 6.5 desktop

Thu Mar 13 12:11:34 UTC 2014
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Ok, here at home, I'm running kde. After the last update, last week, and 
reboot (and that was a *real* mess - some issue I'm not sure I've resolved 
yet, trying to boot off RAID 1), here's what's started happening:
I run in runlevel 3, and have a startx in my .bash_profile. At some point, 
just about every day, suddenly the toolbar on the bottom vanishes, as does my 
desktop wallpaper, the background goes black, and dmesg is showing me:
plasma-desktop[22021]: segfault at 11 ip 00000034820ffd02 sp 00007fffa6a0b000 
error 4 in libplasma.so.3.0.0[3482000000+218000]
over and over. I <ctrl-alt-bksp>, it kills X, and I startx again, and I'm 
good... well, unless it does it to me again. Happened several times last evening.

Any ideas, folks?