[CentOS] Advice on CentOS 7, software raid 1, lvm, 3 TB disks

Tue Sep 16 22:07:22 UTC 2014
Jeff Boyce <jboyce at meridianenv.com>

Greetings -

I am preparing to order a new desktop system for work.  In general the new 
system will be a Dell Precision T3610 with two 3 TB drives.  I plan on 
installing CentOS 7 as a KVM host, with virtual machines for Win 7 Pro and 
Linux Mint.  I am looking for some advice or a good how-to on configuring 
software raid on the two drives, then using LVM for the host and virtual 
machines.  I have configured our company server (Dell T610) with hardware 
raid and LVM for a CentOS 6 KVM host and several virtual machines so I am 
not a complete novice, but have never setup a Linux software raid system, 
and have not played with a CentOS 7 install yet.  I have been searching the 
web and forums for information and am not finding much for good guidance. 
Lots of gotcha's are popping up identifying issues related to CentOS 7, 
software raid 1, grub install, > 2 TB disks (or any combination of these 
factors).  The CentOS Wiki has a good description of installing CentOS 5 
with raid 1, but there is a big warning about being an unsupported (risky) 
approach.  Can anyone point me to a good how-to, or provide some general 
guidance.  Thanks.

Jeff Boyce