[CentOS] Text file encoding

Fri Sep 26 13:13:23 UTC 2014
Patrick Bégou <Patrick.Begou at legi.grenoble-inp.fr>

I'm working with some people using apple laptops. When we share text 
files (latex files), I reach in an encoding problem on our CentOS 
laptops and desktops. In my favorite editor, "é" is "<8e>", "à" is 
"<88>" etc...
Of course, I can change the encoding with iconv:

    iconv -f MACINTOSH -t ISO8859-15 file.bib.mac >file.bib
    iconv -f ISO8859-15 -t MACINTOSH file.bib >file.bib.mac

But it is a little tedious to work like this...

Runing pdflatex (in CentOS) on these files written on apple laptops 
works fine with


So the main problem is an editor problem. I've tried several ones 
(nedit, gedit, kate, vim...) none of them seams to support this 
encoding. But may be it is a configuration problem ?

Any idea ?