[CentOS] Centos 6 Software RAID 10 Setup

Tue Sep 30 19:13:06 UTC 2014
Matt <matt.mailinglists at gmail.com>

I am setting up a Centos 6.5 box to host some Openvz containers.  I
have a 120gb SSD I am going to use for boot, / and swap.  Should allow
for fast boots.  Have a 4TB drive I am going to mount as /backup and
use to move container backups too etc.  The remaining four 3TB drives
I am putting in a software RAID 10 array and mount as /vz and all the
containers will go there.  It will have by far the most activity.

Does this layout look ok?

RAID Devices
  md0 (/dev/md0) 5722917 /vz ext4
Hard Drives
  sda (/dev/sda)
    sda1 (/dev/sda1)
      sda1 500 /boot ext4
      sda2 64000 swap
      sda3 49972 / ext4
  sdb (/dev/sdb)
    sdb1 3815446 /backup ext4
  sdc (/dev/sdc)
    sdc1 2861587 md0 software RAID
  sdd (/dev/sdc)
    sdd1 2861587 md0 software RAID
  sde (/dev/sdc)
    sdce 2861587 md0 software RAID
  sdf (/dev/sdc)
    sdf1 2861587 md0 software RAID