[CentOS] Could not resolve host: mirror.centos.org

Sun Sep 7 20:05:49 UTC 2014
Eliezer Croitoru <eliezer at ngtech.co.il>

On 09/07/2014 10:22 PM, Александр Кириллов wrote:
> This is an ipv6-enabled system and that's probably why yum tries to get
> an ipv6 address first for mirror.centos.org and fails miserably. For
> whatever reason I do not get an authoritative negative response for AAAA
> query from upstream servers. Well an easy fix is to hardcode an ipv4
> address for mirror.centos.org in /etc/hosts and forget it. I suspect
> miconfiguration on centos.org side as scl is the only  repo which gives
> me troubles but don't have the time to dig into this.
According to this man pages:

It seems like yum.conf have a specific config like that:
    ip_resolve Determines how yum resolves host names.

               `4' or `IPv4': resolve to IPv4 addresses only.

               `6' or `IPv6': resolve to IPv6 addresses only.

Is it helping you?