[CentOS] Canon PIXMA mg5420 or HP Photo Smart 7520

Tue Sep 9 00:31:14 UTC 2014
Rob Kampen <rkampen at reaching-clients.com>

On 09/09/2014 11:06 AM, ken wrote:
> In need of a new printer, having done a bit or research, and 
> considering either the Canon PIXMA mg5420  or the HP Photo Smart 7520.
> There are Linux drivers for the Photosmart which are supposed to 
> handle both the printer and the scanner.  But in my research I haven't 
> found (yet) anyone who's gotten the scanner to work with Linux on the 
> Photosmart, let alone the sheet feeder for it. Allegedly there are 
> instructions and requirements for using the fax on Linux.  But I'd 
> like to hear from someone who has actually gotten all of this working 
> on Linux (either debian or centos) and which version of which distro 
> is needed.
> The Canon PIXMA mg5420 doesn't have a fax or a sheet feeder for its 
> scanner, but I'm guessing it's even dodgier to get just its 
> single-sheet flatbed scanner and its printer working with Linux. So 
> has anyone had success with that?
> I've also read horror stories about the how often new ink cartridges 
> are required, that basically you pay for the printer a second and 
> third time buying cartridges (not to mention how often a print job is 
> interrupted by a trip to buy new cartridges).  Any first-hand reports 
> on that?
> Whoever thought spending money would be so tough?
No experience with the specific models you mention, however I have used 
both HP and Cannon inkjet/scanner/fax type machines.
Yes, inkjets are cheap to buy, and you mortgage the house and your 
firstborn to keep buying the cartridges to keep them going.
I also use laser machines, and find these considerably cheaper per page 
(I'm talking color - as I used to run a business where we printed dozens 
of full color pages per day) and over 10,000 full color per year + 
35,000 b/w.
HP does give support for Linux drivers, although it normally takes some 
digging - CentOS is normally reasonably up to date with the hplip and 
hpijs packages, at least in CentOS6 - had no problem doing multipage 
scans with a PSC2200.
Cannon has been a little tougher, but I am using a PIXMZ mp820 fine at 
present - need to load a specific package to get the scanner working : 
scangearmp - it is barely adequate - doesn't do multiple pages into one 
file and produces huge hi-resolution files - great quality but hopeless 
if you need to scan something and email.
Brother actually seem to do a bit better in support of Linux.
I also use OKI C51xx and C52xx laser machines - cheap to buy second hand 
and I've put probably 100,000+ pages through a couple of these machines 
- my cost per page, full color including initial capital cost of the 
machines was US$0.07. It does work out cheaper to buy a new machine once 
the belt needs replacing.
> Thanks for your knowledge and experience.
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