[CentOS] elrepo problem?

Tue Sep 9 20:24:42 UTC 2014
Ian Pilcher <arequipeno at gmail.com>

On 09/09/2014 12:25 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Seems odd that with both the new and old glibc versions,
> rpm -q --whatprovides /usr/sbin/ldconfig
> says
> glibc-2.17-55.el7.x86_64
> or
> glibc-2.17-55.el7_0.1.x86_64
> yet yum doesn't think so.

RPM has been able to handle symlinks for a long time:

  $ rpm -ql kdelibs | grep libkunittest.so.4.13.3
  $ rpm -qf /lib64/libkunittest.so.4.13.3

I presume that yum is querying RPM for information about installed
packages, causing the installed version of glibc to "automagically"
provide /usr/sbin/ldconfig.  Let's test:

  # ln -s /usr/sbin /foo
  # rpm -qf /foo/ldconfig
  # yum provides /foo/ldconfig
  glibc-2.17-55.el7_0.1.x86_64 : The GNU libc libraries
  Repo        : @updates
  Matched from:
  Filename    : /foo/ldconfig

So yum has (and uses) more information about installed packages.

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