[CentOS] Ifconfig ipv6:permission denied.

Thu Sep 11 04:30:50 UTC 2014
dE <de.techno at gmail.com>

On 09/11/14 07:51, Marcelo Ricardo Leitner wrote:
> Em 07-09-2014 05:24, dE escreveu:
>> Hi!
>> I installed CentOS 7 today, it's a minimal install, so it didn't have
>> ifconfig command. So I installed net-tools, however I can't add ipv6
>> address to it.
>> # ifconfig enp0s3 add fc00::1002/124
>> SIOCSIFADDR: Permission denied.
>> Yes, I'm running as root.
>> CentOS is running in a Qemu instance with e1000 ethernet card.
> Almost the same setup here (!minimal install, but everything else 
> similar) works..
> What's the current output of ifconfig for this interface? Does it list 
> any ipv6 addresses on it?
> And could you try the ip command as suggested by Jim? In your case, 
> it's just: ip -6 addr add dev enp0s3 fc00::1002/124
> Marcelo
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Ifconfig lists all interfaces normally. There's enp0s3 and lo. Both are 
up, and no, they've no ipv6 addresses (cannot assign them even using ifcfg).

ifcfg enp0s3 add fc00::1002/124 results in
arping: Unknown host fc00:1002
Error: some host already uses address fc00:1002 on enp0s3.

You know the last error message sounds ridiculous. The virtual interface 
on the host has IP fc00::1001/124

Using ip, it also complains "RTNETLINK answer: Permission denied".

Since this's a fresh install, I think I should file a bug.