[CentOS] ink

Fri Sep 12 18:23:27 UTC 2014
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On Fri, September 12, 2014 12:08 pm, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> Frank Cox wrote:
>> On Fri, 12 Sep 2014 12:52:53 -0400
>> Mauricio Tavares wrote:
>>>       If it makes you feel any better, I found out a new cartridge for
>>> my home laser printer is $45 while the new version of my printer is
>>> $10 more.
>> It's my understanding that the cartridges that come with new printers
>> usually contain less ink or toner than the replacement cartridges do.
>> They are called a "starter cartridge" to differentiate them from the
>> replacement ones.
> They all do, toner and ink. Less is defined, by the way, as "half as much,
> literally, as the full replacement".

Lets them diminish "apparent" cost of new printer, thus making their
printer look less expensive and more competitive to what competitions
have. After all they do the same...

Also, the majority of buyers never look into technical part, just compare
products using "pricegrabber" ;-) Which is the reality that doesn't do
much good for the progress. I'm having in mind really good hardware which
also lasts forever. (and still works when it is obsolete, which though
sounds counter-productive)


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