Mon Sep 15 06:48:08 UTC 2014
Markus Steinborn <markus at msteinborn.de>

Hi Miguel,

Miguel Medalha wrote:
>>> Anyway, Sernet also provides a source rpm. Why not build up from 
>>> that base?
CentOS 7 is using systemd - that would cause problems.

And anyway, I've used the package samba from CentOS-7 as base. This way, 
incmpatibilites with base samba4 are minimized (same paths etc.).

I've already written in this thread: It has turned out that selinux is 
the problem - turning off selinux helps.. But that is not really what 
you want to...And since the problem is selinux, I am not sure if 
Sernet's source would have anything changed.

Anyway, I do not think that my package is broken anymore since selinux 
configuration is a different thing.