[CentOS] Ifconfig ipv6:permission denied.

Mon Sep 15 18:04:55 UTC 2014
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>

On 15 Sep 2014 18:12, "dE" <de.techno at gmail.com> wrote:
> Minimal CentOS does not have NetworkManager.


I built a minimal (just the minimal package group) CentOS 7 to test this
just for you and I assure you NetworkManager was there. C6 did not have it
in minimal but C7 does.

Read the comps file if you want:


@core is the only group in the grouplist for the minimal environment and
has NetworkManager in the default set.

If you do a minimal C7 install it includes NM unless you take steps not to
have it there such as a kickstart with -NetworkManager in %packages