[CentOS] ZFS

Tue Sep 16 15:43:51 UTC 2014
Chuck Munro <chuckm at seafoam.net>

On 2014-09-15 , kkeller at wombat.san-francisco.ca.us wrote:
> So the ZoL folks want one more feature before calling it 1.0; otherwise
> they believe it's production ready.  Only your own testing can convince
> you that it's truly production ready.
> --keith

That's encouraging news, something I've been looking forward to.

FWIW, I've been running ZoL Raid-z3 on two large file servers for quite 
some time (0.6.2-1 currently, on CentOS-6 x64) with zero problems other 
than a couple of disk drive failures which ZFS handled nicely.  I've had 
no real reason to upgrade and will wait for a 1.x release before doing 
anything major.

Performance has been very good (although the application is not all that 
demanding) and stability has been excellent.  Over the past year or so 
the routine twice-weekly scrubs have found no issues, and we've detected 
no file corruption.  The scrubbing operation doesn't seem to affect 
concurrent use all that much.  The servers run for months without 
reboots (only done for security updates).

I don't miss those hours-long ext4 fsck's at all :-)