[CentOS] lost packets - Bond

Thu Sep 18 16:27:52 UTC 2014
Matt Garman <matthew.garman at gmail.com>

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Eduardo Augusto Pinto
<eduardo at eapx.com.br> wrote:
> I'm using in my bond interfaces as active backup, in theory, should assume an
> interface (or work) only when another interface is down.
> But I'm just lost packets on the interface that is not being used and is generating
> packet loss on bond.

My suspicion is that the bonding may be irrelevant here.  You can drop
packets with our without bonding.

There are many reasons why packets can be dropped, but one common one
is a too-slow consumer of those packets.  For example, say you are
trying to watch a streaming ultra-high-definition video on a system
with low memory and a slow CPU: the kernel can only buffer so many
packets before it has to start dropping them.

It's hard to suggest a solution without knowing the exact cause.  But
one thing to try (as much for debugging as an actual solution) is to
increase your buffer sizes.