[CentOS] Problem with WRT54GL router

Fri Sep 19 12:38:21 UTC 2014
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 09/19/2014 06:37 AM Timothy Murphy wrote:
> ken wrote:
>>> Just wondering if you've ever done a firmware update? sometimes
>>> even the manufacturer will issue a bug fix firmware update, shocking
>>> as that may seem! :)
>> I'd agree with this, especially considering heartbleed.  And for-profit
>> companies normally don't expend resources (which reduce profits) to
>> issue software updates without good reason-- "business reasons".
> Do you mean a Linksys update, or WRT update?
> I don't think there has been a Linksys update for years.
> I've never tried updating WRT, is it possible?

Both (as each is relevant to a different situation), although of course 
the term "business reasons" obviously doesn't apply to dd-wrt.

 From what I've read on the dd-wrt forums, some of its distributions 
contain code which is vulnerable to heartbleed,  so you might want to 
check the version installed on your router.

As far as I know, the only way to update this firmware is to get an 
updated version of it and install it on top of (overwriting) the 
previous firmware version in pretty much the same way as you installed 
dd-wrt on top of the commercial firmware that came with the router.  In 
short, you're just doing the install again with a newer firmware version.