[CentOS] X, why did it have to be X

Wed Sep 24 14:06:08 UTC 2014
Jake Shipton <jakems at fedoraproject.org>

On 24/09/14 13:02, mark wrote:
> On 09/23/14 19:21, Jake Shipton wrote:
>> On 22/09/14 22:37, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>>> m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>>>> I have one user. We've pretty much all got two monitors, but
>>>> he insists on rotating both of them vertically - that is,
>>>> they're taller than they are wide, and he's got a Radeon
>>>> card. I always have X grief on his system when I update
>>>> it....
>>>> I just did a full update. X comes up in both screens... but
>>>> the left one is *not* rotated, while the right one is. And
>>>> they're mirrored. I've logged in as root, looked at all the
>>>> configuration
> <snip>
>> Is this C6 or C7?
>> If it's C7 I had the same issue with ignoring nvidia
>> configuration, turns out it wasn't Xorg at all.
>> It was GDM resetting everything when it loaded, switched to
>> LightDM problem solved as it was using Xorg configuration again!
>> Worth a shot if it's C7 :-).
> C6, and yep, that's probably what's happening anyway. I went to 
> apologize yesterday morning for having left it that way, and he
> was fine: *after* he logged in, everything was the correct
> direction.
> I need to lok at the damn GDM (another reason to dislike gnome).
> mark
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Yeah.. I'm not a fan of gnome either.

I had XFCE during the lifetime of my C6 Install, and now have XFCE on
my C7 install.

I know XFCE isn't exactly very "modern" or "hip" "cool" etc. But it
does the job, and works for me :). I like it.

I had issues getting the sort order of my 3 monitors correct, the
third monitor would overlap onto the second monitor and the first
monitor was detected to be in position 2, so the mouse had to go the
other way to reach it.

(Basically, all wrong)

I resolved all display issues using the following method on C6:
1) Install LightDM
2) Set LightDM as default display manager
3) Remove any "display" configuration set by Gnome/XFCE.. in case of
XFCE remove ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/display.xml

I'm sure gnome has a similar file around somewhere.
4) Reboot
5) Done, you should now be using xorg.conf only.

Hope this helps :-).

Kind Regards,
Jake Shipton (JakeMS)
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