[CentOS] URGENT! Shellshock fix DOES NOT fix the bug on CentOS 5.4

Sat Sep 27 22:18:03 UTC 2014
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 9/27/2014 2:53 PM, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> A. No. CentOS only updates the most recent of each of the major
> versions. For example, for CentOS 5, if the most recent minor version
> is 5.10, then that is the only version that is receiving security
> updates.  CentOS 5.4 is frozen and never gets any updates. That means
> that CentOS 5.4 is vulnerable to the "shellshock" problem.

or in another way of looking at it, when you apply all outstanding 
updates to 5.4, it becomes 5.10+

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