[CentOS] Apache wakes-up inactive Exim

Mon Sep 29 19:10:52 UTC 2014
Don O'Hara <don.ohara at gmail.com>

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> Always Learning wrote:
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>>>> Thanks. I learned something new today.
>>> Not exactly... Applications that pipe to the sendmail command line
>>> program to send messages go back to the dawn of email.   MTAs that
>>> replace the 'real' sendmail pretty much have to provide that
>>> functionality.
>> Yes I did learn something new.
>> I started to use Linux, Centos, in desperation to rid myself of Windoze.
>> I plunged-in, never learned the theory because of inadequate time. Hence
>> I am Always Learning and never falling to be impressed, continuously
>> delighted to be rid of M$ and wishing I have ventured into Linux 10+
>> years earlier than I did.
> A *very* strong recommendation: find a copy of Frisch's Essential Systems
> Administration, published by O'Reilly. Some of it's out of date, some more
> Unix than Linux... but read chapter 2, "The Unix Way". A *lot* will be a
> lot clearer.
>       mark "been shoving this at people for > 15 years

I second and third that recommendation. A great exercise is to use
that book as a foundation, and to realize that the “what to do” has not changed
that much, but the “how to do it” changes hourly. Each year as I cull my tech library,
the O’Reilly books are almost never passed on to the local library.  I
can count on them to show the best practices / philosophies / approaches, and then
I research what has changed since it was published by directed web site
searching and man paging.