[CentOS] Spacewalk? Local repo? Cache?

Mon Sep 29 19:12:15 UTC 2014
Eero Volotinen <eero.volotinen at iki.fi>

2014-09-29 20:59 GMT+03:00 Chris Beattie <cbeattie at geninfo.com>:

> I have a mix of CentOS 5, 6, and now 7 servers at work.  There are enough
> of them now that it is starting to make sense for them to get updates from
> an internal source.
> I've seen RHN Satellite in years past.  It looks like it may be a way to
> allow Windows admins here (familiar with WSUS) to update Linux boxes.  A
> local repo might be easier to set up, but (as with Spacewalk) it seems like
> we'd end up with a lot of packages we don't need.  A proxy and a
> sufficiently-large cache might do the trick if the first Linux box to get
> updates populates the cache which the files the others will need, but I
> haven't looked into this enough to see if there's even a way that works.
> How do you all keep a dozen or more Linux boxes updated?
install yum-utils and use reposync to create local mirror with only newest

> Thanks!
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> Chris
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