[CentOS] Apache wakes-up inactive Exim

Mon Sep 29 19:27:32 UTC 2014
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Always Learning wrote:
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>> >> > Thanks. I learned something new today.
>> >>
>> >> Not exactly... Applications that pipe to the sendmail command line
>> >> program to send messages go back to the dawn of email.   MTAs that
>> >> replace the 'real' sendmail pretty much have to provide that
>> >> functionality.
>> >
>> > Yes I did learn something new.
>> >
>> > I started to use Linux, Centos, in desperation to rid myself of
>> > Windoze. I plunged-in, never learned the theory because of inadequate
>> > Hence I am Always Learning and never falling to be impressed,
>> > delighted to be rid of M$ and wishing I have ventured into Linux 10+
>> > years earlier than I did.
>> A *very* strong recommendation: find a copy of Frisch's Essential
>> Systems Administration, published by O'Reilly. Some of it's out of
date, some
>> more Unix than Linux... but read chapter 2, "The Unix Way". A *lot*
will be a
>> lot clearer.
> Its the time required to read non-essential items. Too many important
> demands on my time and too much work to do.

I'm just pushing one chapter at you.

I got into systems administration back in the mid-nineties. Two weeks
after I was hired for a startup division of a huge telecom (a Baby Bell),
I was asked if I wanted to pick up systems admin from one of the
consultants, who'd be rolling off. I said, sure....

Almost a year later, when the division had grown from 4 groups to 27(!),
and they brought in the corporate sysadmins, I got friendly with them, and
kept doing most of the work on the server our teams under our director
used. They told me of all the servers, *two* (count them) looked normal
(as opposed to everyone having the root password, files and directories
all over the place, etc, etc), and mine was one... and that was because
I'd been sleeping with Frisch's book, as well as my ...late... wife.
> Might try at Christmas if fewer demands on my time and energy.

*Make* the time. It'll save your bacon.