[CentOS] firefox: annoyance

Mon Sep 29 19:58:48 UTC 2014
Always Learning <centos at u62.u22.net>

On Mon, 2014-09-29 at 14:16 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:

> You said you were blocking IPs.

Yes my systems block IPs on the basis:-

Block if IP allocated to a data centre or to a commercial email sending

Hacking attempts - individual IP if a 'home-type' Internet connection.
Block if IP allocated to a data centre.

Hosts (email)

Persistent pests using 'home-type' Internet connections are added to the
spammers list. Example


Thus no actual IPs are banned in this instance.

Individual IPs about 4 weeks.
Blocks indefinite.
Hosts lists indefinite.

>   The IPs  you see don't represent
> people or even specific devices and you have no way of knowing the
> correspondence.

I think genuine email senders will use a real MTA rather than something,
taken from today's list, like:-


If the correspondence is genuinely important, then the sender will
obviously know my details including phone number and/or postal address.

> Why tolerate anyone?

Because it is my systems, paid with my money, and therefore it is my
choice to accept everyone - also my choice not to tolerate hacking
attempts and junk mail. I previously stated I will not be a placid
victim for hacking attacks or for spamming.

Long gone are the gentlemen's days of the Internet when mail relaying
via third parties was acceptable, normal and never ever abused. Unless
one can successfully adapt to the inevitable changes throughout life,
one's existence is doomed.

I wish to stop this topic now and do other things.


England, EU