[CentOS] UPS question

Tue Sep 30 18:41:06 UTC 2014
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

John R Pierce wrote:
> so I have a bunch of servers at work that are on DUAL UPS's (1 per each
> of 2 power supplies).   Its mostly HP gear, but also some Sun and IBM.
> Ideally I'd like the system to not go into shutdown unless BOTH UPS's
> that a particular box is plugged into (there's actually 4 UPS, 2 per
> each of 2 racks).    Has anyone ever configured anything like that with
> NUT or whatever?
> Right now, I'm running without any UPS monitoring software, as the whole
> building is on a generator that comes on 60 seconds after a power
> failure, so my 7kVA(!) UPS's don't see much use, and also I just
> installled these new racks and UPS's and haven't really had the time to
> sit down and figure it all out.
Nope. I'd think to have something that checked both UPSes, and if both of
them were showing no line power for over x sec (60? 70?), start a

Here, as I just mentioned, it's only a second or two, so I have to edit
/etc/apcupsd/apccontrol to change SHUTDOWN to SHUTDOWN=/dev/null