[CentOS] Need to Understand booting process of CENTOS-7

Tue Sep 30 20:16:32 UTC 2014
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

On 30/09/14 20:39, Digimer wrote:
> On 30/09/14 03:33 PM, Ned Slider wrote:
>> On 30/09/14 18:24, keshab mahapatra wrote:
>>> Team,
>>> could some help me understand the booting process of CENTOS-7
>>> I need to have constructive material where i could able present a
>>> presentation on booting process of CENTOS-7
>>> With Thanks & Regards,
>>> Keshaba Mahapatra
>>> Sr.Technical Consultant
>> How about I do your presentation for you and you pay me your salary!
>> I mean, seriously - according to your signature you are a Senior
>> Technical Consultant. Surely you can read the technical notes / product
>> manual provided by upstream, or if that does not contain enough in depth
>> material then man pages and google should be able to fill in the blanks
>> for you. At the very least I would expect a Senior Technical Consultant
>> to be able to research such things by himself and not post nonsense
>> questions to a public mailing list.
>> Jeez, and it's only Tuesday :-D
> That was a little rude, don't you think?

A little harsh maybe, but not rude. I didn't swear and I didn't
personally insult. I simply called it as I saw it. But I take your point.

It was the "Senior" part of the job title that set me off. IMHO the
level of questioning didn't in any way match up with the level of
professionalism inferred by the job title. To me it read more like a
grad student asking the list to do their latest assignment for them.

> I agree with your general premises; Keshaba could have started with
> google and then, perhaps, asked here if s/he got stuck on a particular
> part. That said though, there was no need for you to come down so hard,
> either.