[CentOS] [CentOS-announce] Release for CentOS Linux 7 (1503 ) on x86_64

Thu Apr 2 20:16:43 UTC 2015
Always Learning <centos at u64.u22.net>

On Thu, 2015-04-02 at 16:12 -0400, Lamar Owen wrote:

> On 04/02/2015 03:55 PM, Always Learning wrote:
> > Is there a commercial motive for this 'unwelcome by most' change ?
> Do you have data to prove that it is unwelcome by most?

Although most people in the world will privately complain the vast
majority do not complain in public.  Where is your contrary evidence
that this non-beneficial and illogical change is welcome by the majority
of Centos users ?


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