[CentOS] [CentOS-announce] Release for CentOS Linux 7 (1503 ) on x86_64

Fri Apr 3 23:13:51 UTC 2015
Always Learning <centos at u64.u22.net>

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> On Fri, 2015-04-03 at 11:23 -0400, Lamar Owen wrote:
>> I really think that if someone is actually interested in helping the
project, rather than being a backseat driver and griping at every
change ........

Y'know, the whole thread with the naming, and the comments that it had
been discussed, but only on the devel list, and the talk of an
"ambassador" or whatever....

Couldn't some upcoming change like this have been mentioned in
centos-announcements, and make sure it went to all the centos mailman