[CentOS] Update only of security vulnerabilities?

Thu Apr 9 11:35:57 UTC 2015
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 04/09/2015 04:23 AM, Rafał Radecki wrote:
> Thanks for the links, they are very informative.
> So as I see currently the only way to check if there are any security
> updates available for Centos is to parse the errata info sent by email to
> Centos Announce? :D
> Does anyone have another solution implemented? :) Any help will be very
> appreciated :)

CentOS absolutely does not support this.

If you do not install all updates, then you may be creating a setup that
adds problems (some of them security issues that you create).

CentOS uses a staged build system, meaning packages built today rely on
packages built yesterday, and so on.

If you are using a glibc from 3 updates ago with other packages from
now, you are not using a tested configuration and it is not at all clear
what issues will be introduced.  The only recommended install set it all
updates installed.

Doing anything else introduces risk.

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